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Spark your child’s creativity with DrawThis - a toy on Google Home.

Even curious minds need a little inspiration now and then; DrawThis generates trillions of fun, wacky and unusual scenarios for your kids to create.

From a “cat queen riding in a flying car” to a “beautiful dinosaur playing soccer in outer-space”, storytime, playtime and craftime will be filled with the weird and the wonderful.

To begin, say to your Google Home or Assistant:

OK Google, I'd like to speak to DrawThis

DrawThis creates countless random ideas to keep pencils blunting and felt tips running out. Here are a few of our favourites that have been made recently.

Draw a magic rap artist eating your favourite food

How about a space astronaut playing in a band

Try drawing a blue dog with a burger covered in blue fur

Let's draw your favourite pop star holding a huge crystal

How about drawing a scary dragon holding a skateboard

Been given something perfectly random out of DrawThis? Send us your creations here!

"OK Google, I want to talk to DrawThis".

To start with DrawThis, you need to begin by asking your Google device to "talk to DrawThis". You'll hear a brief introduction and be prompted to go on and ask for an idea.

"Give me an idea"

"Inspire me"

"Tell me what to draw"

Ask DrawThis for something to draw and DrawThis will generate a fun idea to make.

If you don't like the idea, simple say:

"Ask DrawThis for another idea".

What age group is DrawThis for?

The current version of DrawThis is targetted at children aged 6—10 of all drawing abilities.

Can DrawThis only be used on Google Home?

DrawThis works across any Google device using Assistant. That covers, Google Home (and mini), Android and iPhones using Assistant, Google Pixelbooks, Wearables running Android Wear and fancy headphones.

In the future, devices covered may expand to work with Amazon's Alexa, but not just yet.

What happens if we need the idea repeated?

DrawThis has a terrible memory. As soon as it comes up with an idea, it forgets and can only think up new ideas. But who knows, use it a thousand or so times and you may just get back to the same idea again!

How can a prince cycle on an airplane?

We've no idea. And from some of the thousands of tests we've ran, beleive us that is far from the most bizarre! Not everything coming out of DrawThis makes sense, but we like that. And love how odd requests stimulate the imagination to try and solve mismatch mysteries.

Question? Send it over here and we'll get back to you ASAP.

DrawThis is a toy made by Jordan Sheldrick and Ricky Dunlop.

It is an early version, and riddled with strange responses still, but getting better with every use. Please enjoy it with your children (or on your own) and let us know how it goes.

If you have feedback, or would like to share your creations, please do so here.